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Lately I've seen a lot of people trying to justify small markups by scalpers by saying it's just a 100 dollar increase what I don't get about these people is why would they pay 100 dollars extra for a product you could have gotten for a 100 dollars cheaper if people didn't try to justify any markup at all I decided to start trolling local Endgame scalpers. Humour. Close. 312. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. I decided to start trolling local Endgame scalpers 2 members in the TrollTheScalpers community. Sort of a knockoff of r/ScamTheScalpers, but perhaps it'll turn into a more organized effort Who Is Trolling the PS5 and Xbox Scalpers? The subreddit r/scamthescalpers was set up by people who are annoyed at scalpers and want to get back at them. Scalpers are making it extremely difficult for people to buy consoles, after all. The trolls on Reddit are setting up fake deals with PS5 and Xbox scalpers and are arranging to meet them to buy the console

I think the only proper thing to do is to troll them like people are trolling the 3080 scalpers. Go in with a fake account and raise the price to 50k. 1. Reply. share. Report Save. level 1. Comment removed by moderator 1 month ago. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Yeah, sounds very probable and why I personally think scalping is a really shitty thing to do. I've seen many say they don't fault the scalpers, but the people who buy from them.. but it's the scalpers preying on such demand to make a profit and it's nothing short of scummy

529. Someone responded to an Nvidia Instagram post about the 3080 saying that they bought the card with their money with the intent to resell it for a profit. He was proud of it too, saying that he had to make a living somehow. Literally every person got on and immediately told the guy Get a job and Stop living with your mom as well as many. The challenge is based on a strategy that I created based on my trading result calculator and it's actually working out really good so far. I'm 36 trades in and up +636% already. My vision is to increase my trading account by +80000% this year, going from 100 USD to 80k USD. I know it sounds insane, but I actually have a plan for this Not Massive: People Are Trolling Nvidia Scalpers With Fake Bids. Preventing them from selling their pre-orders. The Nvidia 3080 officially went on sale this week and almost immediately went out of stock as bots grabbed up every copy they could to flip on Ebay. This time around people aren't taking so kindly to the efforts of scumbag scalpers. What's really going on with Nvidia RTX 3080 prices on eBay?Check out the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cardson Amazon: https://geni.us/h3mzrkAon Newegg: https://b..

PC Gamers Troll RTX 3080 Scalpers With Fake eBay Listings, Review Bombs. The fake listings for toilet paper and hand-drawn pictures of the Nvidia graphics card have been crowding out actual. Following the launch of the next-gen consoles - the stock for both systems are reported to be extremely limited due to production and shipping issues stemmin..

Nvidia's RTX 3080 graphics card is still extremely hard to find, and now, Amazon listings for the GPU priced between $3,500 and $5,000 are sending emails to interested customers Reddit users have banded together to fight back against scalpers who are bulk purchasing Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. Since their releases last month, both consoles have been snatched.

How to Beat the Scalpers and Score an RTX 3000 Card, Ryzen 5000 Chip. Despite insane demand and supply shortages, it is possible to purchase Nvidia's new graphics cards and AMD's latest CPUs Scalpers Have Sold 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 GPUs Through eBay, StockX. The scalpers have raked in an estimated $61.5 million in sales, with $15.2 million made in profit, according to analysis from. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): http://www.yongyea.com(Discount code YONGOUT2020 lasts until Dec 31, 2020)SOURCE 1: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_tr.. Reddit is one of the internet's most popular websites, and back in the day it was home to an infamous troll that went by violentacrez.Shirt Store:.

Whether you agree with the practice or not, that's pretty damn hilarious. From sending scalpers to buy tires or arranging two different scalpers to meet at the same place, Reddit is filled with tales of scalpers coming face-to-face with a hefty dose of karma.. PS5, Series X, and the latest Nvidia graphics cards have all been the target of scalpers this year However, according to Reddit, it seems that Best Buy has been doing a good job of curtailing bots. As it stands, it doesn't look like the scalpers will be going away anytime soon The first Ebay listing I see when I search RTX 3080 is priced at $1,199.99. So far, 26 people have clicked Buy It Now on that card, paying hundreds of dollars more than Nvidia's MSRP for a GPU. Over the last month (February 8th - March 8th) the average resale price of the PS5 on StockX has decreased by $70. The PlayStation 5 consoles are currently selling at 40-70% above retail. At their.

'To stop bots and scalpers on the Nvidia store, we're doing everything humanly possible, including manually reviewing orders, to get these cards in the hands of legitimate customers,' Nvidia says LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos everyday. http://bit.ly/2QA8RbN Defiant amateur investors on Reddit say they are not backing down on their investments in Gam..

Microsoft is testing a new Console Purchase Pilot that will let Xbox Insider members directly purchase an Xbox Series X or S console using an Xbox One console, which could help avoid scalpers Drew Griffin sits down with one of the biggest trolls on the Internet to explain why he posted the things he did.Check out CNN on YouTube at www.youtube.com/..

91,838 votes and 2,020 comments so far on Reddit There are scalpers because there is a hole in the market where something is lacking. In place of that hole there should be: much more units produced, higher price, any care taken who it is being sold to. It is fault of nVidia/AMD that scalpers exist, and retailers' to much a lesser extent

Trolling PS5 Scalpers On Craigslist : scamthescalper

The vast majority of scalpers are new to the game. They have no idea what's coming and it's hilarious. Just a few short years ago, there weren't any bot programs like there is today. So it'll be even more hilarious reading all the complaints from the scalpers to and fro. Back then, years ago, is when a person could make some real money Scalpers are scum. The entire business is predicated on acquiring items you don't want just to withhold them from people who do to sell them back at an exorbitant premium. There is no good angle to thi People must be bidding on the scalpers auctions to screw them. think about it, there's a timer in place for that person to pay, if the person doesn't pay it goes to the next person in line. The scalper could be waiting weeks/months at that rate. He'll have to relist it. People could keep trolling the scalpers until inventory catches up Sony A77,Sigma 17-70,Sigma 10-20,Tamron 90,Minolta 70-210, Sigma 100-300 F4,Tamron 17-50 F2.8,Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG Fisheye,Sony 70-300mm G , Sony HVL-F42 - Oly E-M10, Oly12-50mm, Panny 100-300mm etc. Flick r Jim RIA my Image

I decided to start trolling local Endgame scalpers

  1. Reddit. MSI on Twitter. PS5 scalpers just try and help others and do a lot for charity as UK politician calls for a scalping ban 02/12/2021. who is trolling who
  2. Scalpers are still proving a thorn in the side of gamers hopeful of landing a PS5, with stock issues having scuppered many fans since the release in November last yea
  3. Megahash megashortage — Here's why you can't buy a high-end graphics card at Best Buy Cryptocurrency can't crash soon enough, one gamer fumes
  4. Serious question, not trolling. I am asking as there's a sea of shilling and mis-information out there and it's getting very difficult to figure out what's real and what's pump-and-dump / shilling, painting the tape, washtrading type scam. My question is, What makes a Sh* t coin a Sh* t coin? I'm getting varying answers depending on source
  5. That guy was a troll - don't respond to idiots who vague-post: they're trolling you. Anonymous Wed May 20 16:22:15 2020 No. 72688561 File: 946 KB, 500x752, fouragainstmars.png [ View same ] [ iqdb ] [ saucenao ] [ google ] [ report

People probably making accounts to troll scalpers. A guy on Reddit made a script that detected scalpers and prices, and bombarded them with fake offers. unique452 on 22/09/2020 - 09:0 As an individual, they can't stop the scalpers doing that. There will also always be some people who don't fully understand the mechanism behind the ticket prices being so high. I don't think people should pay scalper prices, but they are not morally equivalent to the scalpers themselves. I'm happy to say scalpers are pretty bad people I paid for college working at a big box store 20 hours a week in the 90s, about 50% of commissions were trolling the return line and selling to those folks. For Amazon, I don't think it's that way you mail them a return and they don't cross-sell, many times they scrap and sell by the pound

r/TrollTheScalpers Lounge - reddit

Frustrated gamers are battling Ebay scalpers with fake $50,000 bids and RTX 3080 'paper editions' The primary Ebay checklist I see after I seek RTX 3080 is priced at $1,199.99. Up to now, 26 other people have clicked Purchase It Now on that card, paying loads of bucks greater than Nvidia's MSRP for a GPU that would possibly not send out till early October Scalpers troll gamers awaiting Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 stock with Amazon and eBay notifications for 'deals' at several thousand dollars Sellers are re-listing the out-of-stock item at exorbitant price So, they buy more and the scalpers will be waiting in the wings. At my local Academy or Walmart these are the advertised prices for .22LR ammo. Remington Thunderbolts are $28 for 500 rounds= 5.6 cents per roun A quick look at eBay shows that even scalpers arent scalping this card as bad as Newegg, nd this IS sold by Newegg I guess its Binned better as Ultimate. PowerColor still hasnt replied to my 2 RMA requests from a month ago even after filing a claim with BBB against them. Sooo I dont recommend buying from them

Reddit Mike Sanders / 6 months ago It's been well documented that since the launch of the PS5 earlier this month, scalpers have had a pretty huge impact on the already limited amount of stock. PS5 fans are fighting back against scalpers by placing fake bids on eBay. Demand for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles has vastly outstripped supply, with outlets across the world.

Trolls Are Scamming PS5 & Xbox Series X Scalpers For Reveng

Larry Guru Larry Bundy Jr. is a video contributor on TGWTG.com. He currently produces Wez + Larry's Top 10 with cohort Wesley Wez Lock. Larry has been featured on several British television channels as well, including XLEAGUE.TV, Rapture TV, and Game Network. His shows on other sites include Games Yanks Can't Wank, Hack-Job, Pop-Up Review, and Guru Larry's Retro Corner. 1 Beginning on. ASUS appears to be going with a triple-fan cooler on the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti TUF Gaming, with a single 8-pin PCIe power connector required. You still have a chunky 2.5-slot card, so I would've liked to have seen a thinner dual-slot card with a single 8-pin connector, that would've been nice This is the first of many ways that the Pokémon TCG is celebrating the franchise's 25th anniversary. A General Mills cereal promo will also feature exclusive packs of cards separate from these. With two new Monster Hunter games coming to Switch next year, it's a pretty exciting time for fans of the series, and a brand new wave of amiibo make the deal even sweeter.. As you may already. Scalpers have a word for counterfeits: blinks. To avoid getting blinked, I studied the weight, feel, and shine of Darryl's genuine World Cup ticket as the train rolled through blooming fields of.

People,don't buy the console from scalpers,if you won't there is a higher chance to see Ps5 in a free sell.Let's take a look at one situation just with theoretical numbers.First stock-1 console,scalper buys it a resells it to you for 1000$,than when 2nd stock comes-2 consoles-he buys them both and resells for 1000 again,now he can buy even 4 consoles and so on,they will milk you. - Prices do matter here, and Bots and Scalpers are the reason why these cards are not available. - eBay has a few 3080s I see them, I'm just not desperate to pay double or triple the price for it. post edited by exilelrrp - 2020/10/13 22:55:1 For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, GameFAQs presents a message board for game discussion and help - Page 2 Reddit karma in actual is score a person gets when he posts something or do comments. It is shown on the profile of the person. When people hover over your username on desktop, your comment karma and post karma will appear separately. Karma of som.. Digitex Futures Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Giving Away $250,000 to Celebrate Public Launch Jul 21 2020 · 13:13 UTC | Updated Jan 22 2021 · 01:28 by Andrey Sergeenkov · 5 min read Photo: Digitex.

Ebay absolutely blasted with scalpers already : xbox - reddi

  1. i and fourth-generation iPad in China today was fairly low, with Apple's lottery system and two-per-person limits for in.
  2. I look at it differently, Midway is interfering with scalpers for a little while. If you set the price high, scalpers won't buy up the entire supply. It's just not worth it to them. Meanwhile, if you be patient, and the inventory at midway builds back up, the price will come down. Scalpers lose and you and I win
  3. Shop NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GDDR6X PCI Express 4.0 Graphics Card Titanium and Black at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Price Match Guarantee
  4. Lin is amazing. I loved In the Heights and Ive followed him for a years. My 13 year old son is dying to see this play. (A young black kid who has little interest in theater or history.) However, he wont be able to see positive role models because the scalpers have scooped these tickets. The rich white folks are seeing this show multiple times
  5. ifigures

Why do you buy from scalpers? : PS5 - reddi

AKIRA has managed to avoid this fate, despite that most people are actually familiar with the old dub (KA-NAY-DAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!) that, strangely, neither Otomo or Macek themselves agreed with. If anything, the only It's Popular Now It Sucks that Akira is getting is the 2001 redub, which you would ironically think would be better received. (More thorough translation, they actually know how. PushSquare : Sony's next major PlayStation 5 exclusive is right around the corner. We've known about Returnal since its unveiling last summer, and we're now just a few weeks away from the latest effort from Housemarque. We've seen a fair amount of the sci-fi shooter, but if you're desperate for more, watch the latest HouseCast dev diary, embedded above New Nvidia Geforce Rtx 3060 Ti - Buy NVIDIA Graphics Card at best price of Rs 18300/unit from Lords Home Solutions. Also find here related product comparison | ID: 2330569834

There are two major headings to use for wiki pages: Why It Sucks and Why It Flopped. Why It Flopped is reserved for consoles and add-ons as these can fail but still have several redeeming qualities, good games, and even a fanbase, in fact it can be used in a few games like LawBreakers, which only flopped commercially and financially That's Some Cheese brings you sports with arrogance. Host Trey Daubert is very opinionated and won't back down from what he believes in. That's Some Cheese is part of the Vendetta Sports Media Podcast Network. You can find all of our other content on vendettasportsmedia.co DO NOT BUY A VIDEO CARD NOW!! A bunch of unemployed scalpers used stimulus money to buy out the inventory of video cards across all stores. They have then placed the cards back onto amazon and newegg at 4-6 TIMES the retail. The card in this build is a $150 card. Don't be the idiot they expect you to be I renewed my tickets yesterday. I notice the only option for ticket delivery was to a mobile device. I can live with that provided it is an easy task to allow someone else to use them. No more 10 cents off at Holiday. The horror Twitter's purpose is to serve the public conversation. Violence, harassment and other similar types of behavior discourage people from expressing themselves, and ultimately diminish the value of global public conversation

>poorfag/newfags back to /efour/ or /reddit/ evolutions scalpers/flippers/ebay sellers 5ban sm+ era foreign prints (not japanese or english) anything graded even if godlike as raw >> Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)14:15:42 No. 47342156. Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)14:15:42 No. 47342156 >>4734193 /TCC/ - Trading Card Collectors - /vp/ - Pokémon is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to discussing the Pokémon series of video games and shows Amazon in-stock alerts are trolling people with $5,000 RTX 3080 graphics cards. September 21 In an apparent attempt to retaliate against the scalpers, And this Reddit thread here features discussion of using bots to artificially inflate the prices of scalper listings to ensure the orders can never be reliably fulfilled. To respond, people started trolling scalpers by bidding tens of thousands of dollars each on video cards. The consumers who received cards from Add-in Board partners often had crashes when their GeForce 30 Series were overclocked above 2 GHz; the capacitors in the graphics cards were of substandard quality The Something Awful Forums > Discussion > Traditional Games > Pokemon TCGO - Battle in Style. Kalko. Oct 9, 2004. Battle Styles is the latest expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I started playing the game using the online client last year so this post is going to mostly talk about how to get started online, but please use this thread.

Super Trolling 3080 Scalpers on Ebay (YT Video) [H]ardForu

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  1. ers who have that sort of history to provide. Feel super lucky to have gotten a 3080 at this point, and I've had one for months now. Just getting lucky on newegg at the right time
  2. Pain in the ass to get client tickets. Now, it happens in 30 seconds tops. This is way, way easier. Corporations should embrace this, way easier to get tickets to clients and employees. And, it isn't new. You cannot get into a Vikings or Timberwolves game with a paper ticket. Has to be on your mobile device
  3. AOC £173 Everything a PC gamer could want: Full HD, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync compatible. HyperX £80 As the name suggests, this keyboard is built like.
  4. In-Game Name: Dr. Akita In-Game Height: 5'6 Weight: 122lbs Personality: Hikari, or better known here by the name of Doctor Akita, is a long time GGO player, having picked the game up shortly upon release. She has loved it ever since and wants others to understand these good times. A bit lazy in what she does and almost bored in her facial expressions, she soon took to wearing her checkered.

Not Massive: People Are Trolling Nvidia Scalpers With Fake

PS5 scalper group claims to have scored 2000 more consoles, gets hilariously rumbled. Welcome to hell! Please take a seat right here next to the Jeepers Peepers serial killer who ran around with the eyeballs of his victims as cops chased after him, the inventor of the sitcom laugh track, and that one guy who shared spoilers of The Mandalorian. Reports suggest scalpers are making a fortune on PS5 consoles creating intense resentment over social media. It's become so bad, many trolls are getting revenge on the scalpers using time wasting or trolling messages. Target PS5 Stock History. Target has been a fairly reliable retailer compared to most when it comes to PS5 stock Are you trolling? User #317430 255 posts. 1dertech. Forum I'm pretty sure that if you missed out on concert tickets you wouldn't want to hear how scalpers were going to flog off their tickets on eBay I really should not read whirlpool or reddit. I don't want to make Riore an offer as I would have to pay for it to get to Tasmania. The story of the decade in music is bigger than the records that turned our heads. It was songs and shows and beef and overdue cancellations and heartbreaking losses and so much more The Oil Trading Group is a live day trading room, owned and moderated by Jason Love. Since my last review, The Oil Trading Group has grown a bit. There is now has a full time assistant named Dave Hamman. Dave's job is to handle subscribers, answer technical questions, help subscribers set up their trading platforms correctly, take sales calls.

People Are TROLLING Nvidia Scalpers! - YouTub

Apply as AdministratorApply as Farmhand. File ( hide): 1589437106588.jpg (89.27 KB, 1000x600, acthrd.jpg) Animal Crossing General #2 Anonymous 1 year ago No. 88648. Discuss your favourite Animal Crossing games here! Previous thread: >>>/m/9044 Looks like that Spanish retailer listing was correct as today UK retailer GAME has confirmed that there will be a Shovel Knight amiibo figure. The actual figure will work across a number of games including future Nintendo titles from Yacht Club Games. The amiibo is going to be available for pre-order tomorrow and will b

PC Gamers Troll RTX 3080 Scalpers With Fake eBay Listings

Trolling PS5 Scalpers On Craigslist - YouTub

Amazon in-stock alerts are trolling people with $5,000 RTX

Yet somehow scalpers always manage to have plenty of tickets to sell. I live in San Diego-home of the original Comic-Con-whose tickets are equally popular with its audience. Scalped Comic-Con tickets are simply not available, because, even if you buy them to gift to friends, you must furnish their names, and everyone goes through a rigorous photo ID check-in process at the door Fuck 12 basically means fuck the police, but more specifically it's means fuck the police drug unit. Dashawn: man close the window, the 12 might come!. Daquan: *hits blunt* man fuck 12!. ACAB is an acronym for All Cops Are Bastards and All Capitalists Are Bastards.. The terms are favored because they can be. The price of lumber skyrockets, Jeopardy stands against anything resembling hate, Maddox's obsession with the cartel, the cyst guy calls in, Madcucks cheats, FOMO ruins Burning Man, Tony from Hack the Movies talks Mortal Kombat, Crippled Jesus comes out as gay, the way strippers treat you, no team captains for kids, and Maddox for governor; all that and more this week on The Dick Show

Reddit Users Are Fighting Back Against PS5 And Series X

Pit K! Quiz K! Track By Track K!USA K.Flay Kacey Musgraves Kanye West Karaoke Kat Von D Kathleen Hanna Katy Perry Kayzo kazoo Keanu Reeves keep flying Keith Buckley Keith Flint Keith Urban Kellin. Scalpers aren't the main reason you can't find a new console; Activision Patent Seeks to Improve Esport Footage Sharing For Future Titles: A patent filed by Activision looks at ways to improve the esports experience with detailed data that could enhance the way broadcasts look. CD Projekt's stock soars after Elon Musk tweets about Cyberpun A New Year, a new approach to digital regulation: the DSA and Online Harms. Quibi's $1.75B experiment ends with Roku acquisition for less than $100M. New proposals for regulation of online platforms in Europe. Dear Section 230 Critics: When Senators Hawley And Cruz Are Your Biggest Allies, It's Time To Rethink Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Times and dates in your local timezone Other leakers believe that AMD is trolling the AIB partners misrepresenting Navi 21 as Navi 22, which has only half the CUs. 06.10.2020 Nvidia's BlueField DPUs combining Mellanox and ARM tech pave.

How to Beat the Scalpers and Score an RTX 3000 Card, Ryzen

  1. Adam is an Ex pit-trader on the London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange (LIFFE). Digitex is a commission-free futures exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the DGTX toke
  2. Scalpers Have Sold 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 GPUs Through
  3. PS5 Scalping Has Gotten So Bad That Scalpers Made $28
  4. Reddit's Biggest Troll: Violentacrez - Internet Hall of
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