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De senaste tweetarna från @TLA_Crypt Luke Martin is one of Twitter's foremost crypto traders. He specializes in technical analysis and regularly shares charts and commentary on his account. For $50 per month, you can watch his live daily webinar. It's very popular among regular traders. Crypto Twitter is chock-full of would-be traders and otherwise ANBESSA. One of the best crypto traders on Twitter who Provides Higher time frame technical analysis. Provides Swing Trade Signals, and Regular updates on signals. Accuracy above 90% in 2020. Notable trade signals: BTCUSD Swing Long, XRPUSD Swing Long. Follow him on twitter for quality altcoin trade signals Artificial intelligence real time crypto Twitter sentiment analysis is monitoring all tweets about Bitcoin and categorizing simultaneously Pozitive, Negative or Notr. The coin graph provides that get actionable insights and metrics Ivan on Tech's crypto Twitter account is something you want to follow if you are looking for crypto education and crypto news. Ivan on Tech is run by the Swedish crypto enthusiast Ivan Liljeqvist. Follow Ivan on Tech on Twitter if you want news about blockchain projects and new hot altcoins

Crypto Rand is possibly the best crypto trading account on Twitter. With 220,000 followers, it is the largest account on our list. Aside from technical market analysis, Crypto Rand also does a great job of explaining the connection between the crypto markets and real-world economies Crypto Twitter's current most popular trader. Exceptional content. 44. CryptoCred. Offers a huge amount of free Technical Analysis lessons and articles. Brutally honest. 45. Majin. Manic liquidity game-theorist. 46. SalsaTekila. A pepper drinking a margarita that is extremely active and constantly posting charts. Conducts trading live streams on Twitch. 47. Floo

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TWTR Technical Analysis. A brief summary - strong Buy, Buy, strong Sell, Sell or Neutral signals for the Twitter Inc stock. A detailed technical analysis through moving averages buy/sell signals. A fast and easy way to analyze Cryptocurrencies Technical analysis gauges display real-time ratings for the selected timeframes. The summary for Bitcoin / U.S. dollar is based on the most popular technical indicators — Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots. Results are available at a quick glance This guide had presented the basic concepts in technical analysis among crypto. It is recommended that you deepen your knowledge in the field if you wish to implement tech analysis: indicators, Fibonacci levels, patterns (triangles, for example), and more. In our following featured article you will read about 8 tips for trading crypto 6. Credible Crypto Twitter and YouTube Technical Trader. Platform(s): Twitter (@CredibleCrypto), YouTube (Credible Crypto) # of Followers: Twitter - 59k+, YouTube - 7k+ Content Types: trading, technical analysis, BT

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Technical CRYPTO Analyst ®. 162 515 subscribers. We provide only technical based charts here for alts coins as well as btc. We believe in charts and TA. Not an Investment Advice. Do your Own RESEARCH always. View in Telegram. Preview channel. If you have Telegram, you can view and join This guide to crypto technical analysis will take you along the exciting introduction to technical indicators that are widely used in technical analysis. There are three major components of Technical Analysis as shown above. This guide will look at technical indicators and oscillators, and how you can use them to your advantage Technical analysis is quite broadly defined as the practice using past price information on a particular asset in order to make forecasts as to the future direction of said asset. Unlike fundamental analysis that analyses the underlying asset itself, technical analysis is merely concerned with the price levels, trends and volume Technical Analysis Summary BTC/USD -Bitcoin on the 3D time frame may have found support at the 30k-31k area -We can see a strong buying presents by the Bulls every time the price enters the demand zone -This area is a confluence of the 3D 100MA support which has been respected 4x times now -This is technically a good sign of strength and the Bears are.. Elon Musk Makes CumRocket Famous through Twitter. Elon Musk is emerging to be an ever-pervasive name in the realm of crypto. The billionaire has made cryptocurrency one of the major contributors to the global economy. While Elon Musk is known for his adoption of innovative and astounding.

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Technical analysis works on the principle that history repeats itself when it comes to crypto pricing or trends. Based on this fact, technical analysts aim to make predictions regarding market. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Cancel. Confirm. Technical Analysis. Crypto analysts are the people you can reliably go-to for up-to-date technical analysis along with a 2 nd place finish in Best Crypto Twitter Account of 2020. Pomp has become so highly regarded as a crypto analyst that he has been featured multiple times as a guest and panel member on the popular business news channel CNBC Crypto.com slides to descending triangle support as a breakdown to $0.12 looms. The on-chain analysis places the most robust support between $0.137 and $0.14 Bitcoin and Crypto Advanced Technical Analysis. The unique characteristics of the cryptocurrency markets have made technical analysis and charting invaluable tools in helping to predict direction, momentum, and support & resistance. This article offers a brief outline on some of the more advanced popular technical analysis methods available to.

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'Crypto Twitter' Donates $800,000 to Kid suffering from Leukemia. Crypto Cobain immediately encouraged his 347,000 followers to join. Crypto Cobain has collected and sent $200,000 to one guitarist. Cryptocurrency has now become an instrument for helping others What is Technical Analysis (TA), Fundamental Analysis and Why Are They Important in Crypto Investing / Trading. Technical Analysis (TA) describes analyzing historic price and volume trends to predict the future price movements of assets. [1] [2] This form of analysis is accomplished by applying mathematical calculations called technical indicators to the historic and current price and.

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  1. According to crypto technical analyst Michael Van de Poppe, it's just a matter of time now for other coins like Stellar, NEO and ZRX. And, old coins are doing well! #Cardano is heating up, #EOS is making a massive breakout, #Litecoin is doing well. Matter of time until #XRP, #Stellar, #NEO, #ZRX and more are going to follow
  2. Litecoin Daily Chart Analysis: Litecoin broke through support and now is trying to bounce at the next support level. The crypto is trading below both the 50-day moving average (green), and the 200.
  3. Crypto Rand is possibly the best crypto trading account on Twitter. With 220,000 followers, it is the largest account on our list. Aside from technical market analysis, Crypto Rand also does a great job of explaining the connection between the crypto markets and real-world economies. 12. CryptoGainz (@CryptoGainz1

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  1. e trade patterns and Bitcoin price prediction. This social media platform could thereby provide information indicative of users' emotions and feelings
  2. Crypto Twitter's current most popular trader. Exceptional content. 44. CryptoCred. Offers a huge amount of free Technical Analysis lessons and articles. Brutally honest. 45. Majin. Manic liquidity game-theorist. 46. SalsaTekila. A pepper drinking a margarita that is extremely active and constantly posting charts. Conducts trading live streams.
  3. Social analysis is a way to evaluate financial data by looking at what other people are doing and comparing their tactics and strategies. technical alaysis of coin market Crypto investors and traders should pay attention to social analysis to shape their investment decisions

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  1. Crypto Twitter says traders are short Bitcoin, but data shows otherwise. A growing number of analysts have flipped bearish on Bitcoin and expect a significant price drop, but analyzing data from.
  2. A crypto technical analyst breaks down why ethereum is set to rise to $3,000 and is a better investment than bitcoin right now Twitter. The word in. Using technical analysis,.
  3. g for the moon, and mass high-profile account hacks running giveaway scams
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Our crypto calls are based on calculated, technical, fundamental analysis, and our proprietary AI-based algorithms through our tireless efforts. We actively integrate multiple crypto trading technical analysis strategies to provide the best crypto signals and best crypto calls Reviews; Technical Analysis; ICP Price Prediction. ICP is the utility token that powers the DFINITY Internet Computer network. Token holders can participate in governance and can be used to pay for computation units in the protocol by converting ICP tokens to cycles and canisters This 2021 QANplatform (QARK) Technical Analysis is based on the study of technical indicators. Below, we have outlined the key factors that contributed to our QARK price analysis. QANplatform aims to create a quantum-proof, energy-efficient, and fast platform that depends on a new protocol, the Proof-of randomness (PoR)

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Crypto Technical Analysis. So it is clear that technical analysis can work when used in a risk controlled way by disciplined traders. But can it be used effectively in the nascent cryptocurrency markets? Well, it really depends on what coins you are trading Technical analysis gauges display real-time ratings for the selected timeframes. The summary for SNX/USD is based on the most popular technical indicators — Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots. Results are available at a quick glance. 15 minutes The Coinmaster PDF- Mastering Crypto trading using Technical, On-chain & Funding rate analysis Posted by coinmaster2020 March 13, 2021 May 30, 2021 Posted in Uncategorized Tags: bitcoin , crypto The wait is over folks DOGE/USD Price Prediction. DOGE is currently trading above the 0.618 fib at $0.4685. We could see a move down towards this fib and the lower fib at $0.4217. These 2 zones would be the preferred buy zones for DOGE with a stop loss below $0.3750. Targets could be $0.5350, $0.6198, $0.8647, $1.2609 and $1.6571 Crypto twitter users come together for a good cause. Over $800,000 has been raised to cover family medical bills. FTX CEO donates 12 ETH to the cause. The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations building standards of transparency. Twitter users have come together to donate.

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Technical Analysis. What good about a crypto platform if it can't bring to you an in-depth technical analysis today?At Cryptoknowmics, you will get access to not only price updates and predictions for various cryptocurrencies but our crypto technical analysis will also dissect uptrends, sideways moves, and downtrends. Our accurate detailed analysis will give you an idea about the best time. How to Use the Volume Indicator. This cryptopedia guide of Charts and Technical Analysis will teach you how the volume indicator shows you how an underlying asset is being traded. This indicator will be shown below the chart with green or red bars indicating the volume for a specific candle of the asset you are trading Technical analysis develops our intuition and insights by monitoring of the market, making sense of the strategies and principles that are employed in the market. The crypto market is also vulnerable to world events and to the amount of money that enters the different assets, so prices will undertake certain trends that we can decipher based on the behavior of past trends It employs statistical analysis of past price movements and the factors that influenced those movements in order to predict the probabilities of price movements in the future. Unlike many traditional stocks, the crypto market is largely driven by greed and fear, which in turn increases the reliability of technical analysis for trading decisions

@APompliano's Twitter Feed. Best books for bitcoin technical analysis. Blockchain technology and decentralized mechanisms have opened up the world to financial tools and data like never before. It's not just Wall Street traders who are interested in bitcoin technical analysis Technical analysis of cryptocurrencies is done by analysts to predict the price action and direction of a coin in the future. Technical Analysis is based on the coin's historical prices and volume, and the analysts hope to predict accurately whether the currency should be bought, held, or sold.In short, TA experts believe that past trading of an asset can indicate its future price movements

ADA, YFI, XMR - Technical Analysis for February 17th. The Yearn.Finance (YFI) price has bounced at a crucial support area and is on its way towards a new all-time high price. Both Cardano (ADA) and Monero (XMR) are facing crucial long-term resistance levels. The price action for the latter seems more bullish, making a breakout more likely Price Analysis. CoinQuora cryptocurrency price analysis includes the latest insights from expert technical price analysts. With articles that include price predictions and chart analysis geared to quip traders with investment information. The price analysis category also features reports on the latest market trends and real-time market records Technical Analysis The technical analysis section brings you the latest price analysis for BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and loads more cryptocurrencies from our experienced traders. Price Predictions for the Top 5 Penny Cryptocurrencies: XRP, XLM, TRX, ADA & IOT

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The Crypto market is known for its volatility, an aspect that can bring you misery or a fortune at the same time. That being the case, cryptocurrency technical analysis becomes the key to trade successfully for either newbie or veteran traders in the industry. To grasp this concept, it is necessary to first understand the meaning of Cryptocurrency technical analysis as a statistical indicator. Reply on Twitter 1401031777263788034 Retweet on Twitter 1401031777263788034 2 Like on Twitter BTC MACD BTC RSI Crypto technical analysis crypto technical analysis telegram Crypto technical Indicators Crypto trend indicators cryptocurrency technical analysis cryptotechnical analysis tools HOT crypto analysis HOT crypto chart HOT. A step-by-step guide to crypto market technical analysis There's much to gain and much to lose in the volatile cryptocurrency market, and if you want to make the right decisions, you need to understand how to do technical analysis Multiple Crypto-Related Twitter Accounts Have Been Suspended. The Twitter accounts of several prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community were suspended early on Wednesday. CoinDesk became.

Colin Wu, a journalist operating under the Twitter handle @WuBlockchain, stated on June 5 that several cryptocurrency KOL accounts on Weibo had been blocked. Wu referred to this as the harshest suspension of crypto in history.. He also said, it may be a response to Beijing's crackdown policy.. This tweet was the first in a thread EOS (EOS) crypto had been under market corrections after the coin established its 52-week high at $8.83. However, EOS coin has, once again, picked up bullish momentum. The all-time high of $22.89 established in 2018 still stands untouched. At the time of writing, EOS stands at a price level of $7.28. The price of the EOS (EOS) technical analysis: Under the bulls Read More The technical analysis attempts to detect the important levels which are likely to change it. It's essential to note, however, that it's tough to trade on fundamental analysis alone. Because both fundamental analysis and technical analysis is actually something similar, a choice to purchase or sell a stock should take both views under consideration Litecoin price is expected to fall to $165. The closest support level is at $154. Litecoin price faces reisistance at $172. After finally climbing past the $190 mark, Litecoin price failed to continue its bullish rally and the price has seen a steady decline and is currently just below the $170 mark. While the price at press time holds just.

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Technical analysis Crypto market technical analysis Whole crypto market price forecast as well as full cryptocurrency technical analysis through moving averages, buy/sell signals, and common chart indicators BTC, ETH, XRP, AVA, CHZ, XMR, DGB—Technical Analysis May 13. Bitcoin (BTC) has decreased considerably but bounced at the $48,000 area. Ethereum (ETH) is approaching a long-term resistance level. XRP (XRP) has broken out from a descending resistance line. Travala (AVA) is following an ascending support line Technical Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) Last week, Ethereum (ETH) showed some near-term recovery against the US dollar with the ETH/USD pair forming a support base above $200 before showing signs of upside correction. On the other hand, Ripple (XRP) did not perform well last week with prices falling by over 7%, but in Monday's. Hence, to help streamline your future cryptocurrency dealings to profits, this piece analyzes the technical and fundamental factors that make cryptocurrency. A One-Stop Shop For All Things Crypto First of all, to understand these factors, know when to trade, buy, hold or sell off cryptocurrency, you need the insights and guidance of a professional trading company with a wealth of experience Many technical support levels related to broader historic ranges also gave way during the recent acute move lower including the 51375, 51245, 50527, 48478, 47698, 47136, 41581, 40303, and 39604 areas. Upside retracement levels and areas of potential technical resistance include 44796.10, 48287.98, 52608.44, and 53259.47

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Crypto Compass - Crypto News, Technical Analysis & Trading Tutorials. 74 likes. Websit Technical Analysis isn't Magic, but it sure can Enhance Your Crypto Trading. Technical Analysis refers to the use of mathematics and historical data to isolate and identify trends in the market. Technical Analysis isn't new to the cryptocurrency world, having been a tool in investors' belts in many diverse financial markets. Technical Analysis Home Price Analysis Ripple Ripple Performs Better than Broader Crypto Markets on Technical Support Jul 16, 2019 Ankit Singhania One of the most interesting cryptocurrencies to have emerged over the past few years has been Ripple (XRP), and it has managed to hold onto its position as the third biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization

Overnight last night, the Twitter accounts of many crypto influencers and top Bitcoin supporters mysteriously were suspended without warning.. Speculation pointed to accounts being targeted that had previously been tweeting about the popularity of NFTs, causing conspiracy theories to circulate and other major accounts to go private Technical Analysis Summary for Twitter Inc with Moving Average, Stochastics, MACD, RSI, Average Volume I do not recommend anyone to take trades based on my analysis and I won't be responsible for the profit or loss made. This is my attempt to make people understand how easy is technical analysis and share my experience. Thank You for your valuable time. Follow me on - Twitter - @LevelsCrypto Telegram - t.me/crypto_technicals If you have been on Crypto Twitter (or CT) for a while, you know for a fact that this community is infested with scammers using multiple types of get-rich-quick schemes to lure noobs into.

Technical analysis, a pseudonymous 41-year-old Massachusetts man with 43,000 Twitter But what I see is that technical analysis actually works better in crypto because you don't have. The problematic part lies in the way technical analysis works, not only in crypto but on any kind of market in general. Technical trading in its core is about looking for chart patterns . Chart patterns are sequences of price action that are vaguely repetitive , which means that if you notice a pattern in the making, you have slightly better odds when speculating on what the price will do next

Today I sat down with Carl from The Moon to discuss crypto technical analysis. We're going to talk about where Bitcoin is heading. Is it bullish or bearish? sourc When crypto trading, the total market seems to follow a certain pattern when going up or down which is called the Fibonacci Retracement. This technical indicator uses horizontal lines that divide the distance between two extreme points on the price chart according to the Fibonacci ratios: 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, and 100%

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Crypto.com slides to descending triangle support as a breakdown to $0.12 looms. The on-chain analysis places the most robust support between $0.137 and $0.14. Crypto.com is still retracing from the highs traded in August at $0.192. A higher low pattern has been forming below a descending trendline Technical Analysis YouTube Channels. There are dozen of crypto YouTube channels that you can tune into to the learn more about bitcoin, altcoins and the blockchain. There are also channels for fans of technical analysis. The two most popular are Josh Olszewicz' Crypto Technical Analysis Channel and Crypto Cred The trading of cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more popular now that blockchain technology and decentralized applications and products are mentioned by the media frequently. But effective trading is still complicated and you need deep knowledge about statistic, fundamental and technical analysis. CryptoStat.org wants to create a one stop cryptocurrency info site, so traders will [ Latest Technical Analysis News Cardano's Babel fees mechanism allow users to pay transaction fees in native tokens Priyeshu Garg · 3 months ago · 3 min rea

Price Predictions and Technical Analysis on Crypto. June 12, 2021 by admin 0 Comments. Trading. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn. CRYPTO MARKETS TODAY: With a swift bitcoin rejection, it is uncretain whether we will pump off this area or not Twitter; Facebook; RSS; Home/ FAT Crypto FAT Crypto. Elrond - EGLD Coin. 6 days ago. 3 4 . ELROND SUPPLY SHORTAGE! FAT CRYPTO'S ENJ TECHNICAL ANALYSIS! Elrond - EGLD Coin. May 5, 2021. 0 4 . ELROND SETTING UP FOR A HUGE MOVE?! FAT CRYPTO'S EGLD TECHNICAL ANALYSIS! Elrond - EGLD Coin. April 30, 2021. 18 5 . SUPER BULLISH ELROND. Moneycontrol hosted its maiden Twitter Spaces on June 7 with a host of experts on India and cryptocurrencies - the way forward. Over the course of an hour, former Finance Secreatry Subhash Garg. Technical analysis is more of a numbers-driven approach to decision-making. It assumes that the market has already done the work of incorporating all the known information via the current price (which you can find in the Coinbase app or many other places online) and amount of trading activity (look to crypto-data sites like Nomics and CoinGecko) Crypto Sentiment Analysis. Prices of certain assets are importantly driven by the sentiment and hype about them. By subscribing to BittsAnalytics you can easily access cryptocurrency sentiment data in real-time and in historical chart. For calculation of social media sentiment, we use a machine learning model that was trained on millions of labelled tweets

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CRYPTO MARKETS TODAY: Bitcoin completely recovered back into the triangle we were previously in! However, with our new lower low, btc price action has created a huge channel with a large measure move. When this channel breaks, there will either be a massive pump to 40k or a major dump back down to 30k. ALTCOIN UPDATE The Crypto Cred channel was started in October 2017 with a focus on technical analysis of Bitcoin primarily and an educational tone. Considering the channel only uploads one video a month it is pretty impressive to see 41.2k subscribers. I think that also speaks to the quality of the videos and the technical analysis knowledge being passed along Just because crypto is a new and immature asset class does not mean technical analysis basics do not apply or can be twisted to fit a narrative. If a new company IPOs in the stock market, the same tried and true methods of technical analysis apply to its stock chart because it's about price trends, math, patterns, and studies

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