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Mercury Dimes. The Mercury Dime, or Winged Liberty Head Dime, was introduced in 1916 and struck until 1945. The series takes its common name from its mistaken association with the Roman messenger god Mercury, who was often depicted wearing winged shoes or a winged hat. The obverse design actually features an image of Liberty in a winged cap,. Winged Liberty Silver Dime (1916-1945) Designer - Engraver: Adolph A Weinman. Metal Composition: 90% Silver - 10% Copper. Diameter: 17.9 mm. Mass / Weight: 2.5 grams. Year. Details. Mintage. G

Mercury Head Dime Coin was minted between 1916 and 1945, these coins are 90% silver so the melt value* for a Mercury Dime is currently $2.03, but the coins may be worth more to a collector. The 1916 D's are worth between $300 to $400 as they were minted in limited quantity Because of the resemblance to the Roman god, Mercury, the coin became known popularly as the Mercury Head Dime. The reverse blends a Roman fasces (ax surrounded by a tied bundle of sticks) and an olive branch, indicating America's military readiness but also their desire for peace More than 100 million Mercury dimes were made in 1939 - a high number of coins that was a direct response to the waning economic effects of the Great Depression and, subsequently, a growing need for new coinage in the United States. 1939 Mercury dimes are quite common, and there are few highlights to mention from that year, in terms of the Mercury dime, other than the fact that the large. Mercury dime coin values are all over the map, with prices for lower-end common-dates tied to their intrinsic silver bullion value. Meanwhile rare Mercury dimes, such as the 1916-D, are highly valuable in virtually any grade Silver Mercury dime values are updated every minute with the live silver price at Coinflation. The numismatic and collectible value is also updated frequently to help you determine the full worth of your coin

1936 Winged Liberty Head (Mercury) dime Although most commonly referred to as the Mercury dime, the Winged Liberty Head does not depict the Roman messenger god . The obverse figure is a depiction of the mythological goddess Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap , a classic Western symbol of liberty and freedom, with its wings intended to symbolize freedom of thought 1921-D: The Mercury dime minted at Denver is also hard to locate because the mint had to stop making them to mint quarters. 1923-D and 1930-D: Despite how they were marked, these counterfeit Mercury dimes were minted in the Soviet Union as the country was desperate for American cash. Unique features of the 1941/42 Mercury dime The Mercury Dime series may boast but a handful of true date-and-mintmark rarities, but the 1916-D is number one as both the major key date and as a rarity on par with the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent Mercury Dimes Design Mercury Dimes are a United States ten-cent piece minted between 1916 and 1945. They bear an exceptionally beautiful depiction of Liberty wearing a winged Phrygian cap, designed by Adolph Weinman. The figure on the Mercury Dime was first thought to be the Roman god Mercury, hence the coin's common name 1942 Mercury Dime. CoinTrackers.com has estimated the 1942 Mercury Dime value at an average of $2.00, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $50

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  1. e if it is circulated or uncirculated. This photo illustrates the highest points on the coin's design (indicated by the color red)
  2. How Much is a Mercury Dime Worth? These coins contain .07234 ounces of silver, which gives them an intrinsic value of almost $2 at today's silver prices [ $27.35 per ounce on Aug. 21, 2020.
  3. 1931 P Mercury Dimes Dime Circulated. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 4. $10.15. $10. . 15. FREE Shipping. Only 4 left in stock - order soon
  4. Mercury Dime Price Guide. Last Update: 05-31 02:01 AM EDT. Silver $27.96 ( +0.01) as of 05-31 04:03 AM EST Price Guide; US; Half-Dimes and Dimes; Mercury Dime (1916-1945) Auction Prices Population CoinFacts Photograde ™.
  5. t mark can be found to the left of the cut end of the branch. Issuing Mints. The Mercury Dime was struck at three

66 Coins 1916-1945 Mercury Dimes Partial Set Collection - 90% Silver *944. $202.50. 26 bids. Free shipping. Ending Thursday at 5:06PM PDT. 3d 21h Buy Iconic Mercury Dimes For Less From Money Metals Exchange. Adolph Weinman designed two of the US Mint's most popular and beautiful coins. One was the Walking Liberty half dollar, and the other was the Mercury dime.The US mint produced these coins from 1916 - 1945 in 90% silver Mercury Dime Overview / History Many consider the Winged Liberty Head dime, popularly known as the Mercury dime, the most attractive U.S. 10-cent coin. The Winged Liberty Head dime was among the last of the coins introduced during America's Golden Age of coinage, which began around 1906 when President Roosevelt invited Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign the $10 eagle and $20 double eagle All mercury dimes are 90% silver, therefore they are at least worth their silver bullion price which is more than 10 cents. For mercury dimes — and most other 90% silver coins — you can expect a coin dealer to pay you 9 times face value for them (silver being 15.00/oz). So every mercury dime is worth at least 90 cents or more 1925 S Mercury Dime Silver TheVintageCoinShoppe $ 6.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites A very beautiful XF 1918 D mercury dime in great condition!!!!! MRSJESSEG2012 $ 3,000.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 1916-D Mercury Dime ElbeeCollection.

The Mercury dime served Americans well during one of this nation's most turbulent eras. Born on the eve of our nation's entry into World War I, it remained an integral part of America's coinage lineup right through the end of World War II, bowing out in 1945 Mercury or Winged Liberty Dimes Minted 1916 to 1945 This coin was issued as a response to the Great War (WWI). This series is quite straightforward, having only a few notable die varieties including the 1942/1, 1942/1-D, and the 1945 Micro S. An exciting set to collect, with most dates and mintmarks affordable in BU c This gold dime coin is commonly referred to as the Mercury Dime because of Liberty's resemblance to the Roman god. Each coin contains one-tenth troy ounce of 24-karat gold, symbolic of the coin's denomination of one dime, and is struck with a business strike finish. Mintage Limit: 125,000 Mercury Dimes were minted from 1916 to 1945. There were no dimes issued in 1922, 1932, and 1933. The lowest mintage of the series occurred for the 1916-D, which has become a classic key date coin of the twentieth century. The highest mintages occurred later in the series when several issues had production of more [ The Mercury Dime (or Winged Liberty Head dime) was produced by the United States government from 1916 to 1945. The coin weighs 2.5 grams and is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. Values for Mercury Dimes fluctuate with current silver prices

1921 Mercury dime - Among rare Mercury dimes, the 1921 may not be the most expensive, but it is not a date to sneeze at. With only 1.2 million ever minted, the 1921 Mercury dime is among the scarcest issues and can be a relatively tough date to find. Values begin at around $50 in Good-4 and climb to more than $1,000 for uncirculated examples Mercury Dimes Mintage The most popular design for the ten cent denomination is the Mercury Dime , which was produced from 1916 to 1945. During this time period mintages varied widely from just a few hundred thousand for the well known key date to more than 200 million for some years

Some Mercury dimes are rare, such as the famous 1916-D key date, though many others are common. That is certainly the case with the 1942 Mercury dime, which was struck by the many millions. Regular-issue business-strike examples are among the most common Mercury dimes you'll encounter Values of Mercury Dimes of the USA . The value is approx. the average price with which US dealers sell these coins. The values depend very strongly on the grade of the coins. If the grade is better than xf the coin could be worth much more! Information about coin grading like vf and xf and mintmarks like D and S . Mercury Dimes 1916 - 194 1916 Mercury Dime Toned: 68974 350x350: 173346 648x648: OBV: 1917 Mercury Dime FB Toned: 77693 400x400: 192943 668x668: REV: 1917 Mercury Dime FB Toned: 93687 400x400: 159702 538x538: OBV: 1917 S Mercury Dime: 81378 420x420: 170275 683x683: REV: 1917 S Mercury Dime: 90832 420x420: 188990 692x692: BOTH: 1917 S Mercury Dime FB full bands: 84596. 1941 P Mercury Dime: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Buy & Sell This Coin. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell FULL ROLL OF MERCURY DIMES 50. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set 1C-$1 1973 U.S, VERY FINE 5 MARK 1917 GERMANY, AMERICAN PILGRIM GOSPEL TRACTS DOLLAR BILL PLAY MONEY, GERMANY DDR DEMOCRATIC 20 MARK 1972 A KM# 40 FRIEDRICH V SCHILLER COMMEMORATIVE. 2 COINS 1998-P & D UNCIRCULATED LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT PENNY IN MINT CELLO, 2020 W 1 oz Proof Silver American Eagle $1 Coin NGC PF70 UC PRESALE SKU59765.

Mercury Dimes. Adolph A. Weinman designed the Mercury Dime which was minted from 1916 to 1945. Mercury Dimes were struck in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. 1916-D and the 1942/1 overdates are the most famous as well as the rarest and most expensive Mercury Dimes Barber Silver Dimes (1892-1916) Winged Liberty Head or Mercury (1916-1945) Roosevelt (1946-Date) Quarter Dollars. Capped Bust (1796-1838) Liberty Seated (1838-1891) Barber Quarter (1892-1916) Standing Liberty (1916-1930) Silver Coinage (1932-1964) Clad Coinage and Proofs (1965 to Date Dimes. Capped Bust Dimes and Half Dimes (1792-1837) Seated Liberty Dimes and Half Dimes (1837-1891) Mercury Dimes (1916-1945) Roosevelt Dimes (1946-Present) Nickels. Shield Nickels (1866-1883) Liberty Nickels (1883-1912 The 1942/41 Mercury Dime from the Philadelphia Mint is one of the most well-known overdates on any US coin. Although the variety was first discovered and announced in 1943, very few Mint State.

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Mercury dime atau disebut juga Winged Liberty Head dime adalah uang koin 10 sen yang dikeluarkan di Amerika Serikat antara tahun 1916 hingga 1945. 90% bagian dari koin ini terbuat dari silver, sehingga harga lelehan sebuah koin ini dapat mencapai 1,30 dolar (sekitar 18.000 rupiah) untuk saat ini. Namun bagi para kolektor, koin ini dapat dihargai lebih mahal Buy silver Mercury Dime coins at Mt. Vernon Coin. We have an attractive selection of dates and grades of Mercury Dimes in stock at competitive prices. Issued from 1916 to 1945, this is a very popular series to collect, with many affordable dates. The design is considered one of the finest of all US coins. Collect by year, or collect the entire series Mercury : SOLD : An eye popping example of a high grade Mercury dime. It has brilliant frost white mint luster, with not a drop of tone. This dime would make a good addition in any collection. SOLD : 1953-D: NGC: MS65: Full Torch: 2-sided Tone: 27.99 : A sharp looking 2 sided toned coin. Both sides are saturated with tone Silver Mercury Dime Information. Often called by its nickname of Mercury, the 1916-1945 Silver Winged Liberty Head Dime does not actually contain an image of the roman messenger god. Instead, a portrait of the mythical figure of Liberty is shown on the coin's obverse. Liberty is wearing Phrygian cap, long seen as a symbol of freedom and liberty

Home > Dimes > Mercury Dimes > 1920 Mercury Dime NGC MS-64 FB > Back to Search/Browse Page. For a larger Item image, Use the arrow lower right hand corner. 1920 Mercury Dime NGC MS-64 FB . Bid history: 6 bids (view) Time left: 6d, 3h, 35m, 3s (Sun, Jun 06, 2021 04:48:57 PM Pacific Time) Current Bid: $110.00 1942 Mercury Dime D. Searching for 1942 Mercury Dime D for sale? Looking for 1942 Mercury Dime D or similar items? This web site displays a great mixture of 1942 Mercury Dime D, displaying listings such as Bullion, Rare Gold, Rare Silver, Roosevelt Dime, plus lots extra.Browse our huge selection of 1942 Mercury Dime D, or try doing a search for a particular 1942 Mercury Dime D using the search

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Home > Dimes > Mercury Dimes > 1927 Mercury Dime NGC MS-65 FB > Back to Search/Browse Page. For a larger Item image, Use the arrow lower right hand corner. 1927 Mercury Dime NGC MS-65 FB . Bid history: 1 bids (view) Time left: 6d, 4h, 7m, 46s (Sun, Jun 06, 2021 04:49:27 PM Pacific Time) Current Bid: $100.00 Set of 10 Mercury Dimes - 90% Silver - Date Range 1916 to 1945 (Some with Mintmarks) - Full Date and Rim - Full Liberty - Graded Fine or Better. 4.3 out of 5 stars 36. $44.95 $ 44. 95. FREE Shipping by Amazon. In stock on May 20, 2021. Various Mint Marks Mercury Dime Dime VG-08 and better One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform Der Dime [daɪm] ist eine Münze der Vereinigten Staaten im Wert von zehn Cent oder einem Zehntel Dollar.Das gegenwärtige Münzbild zeigt den 32. Präsidenten Franklin D. Roosevelt auf der Vorderseite, während auf der Rückseite eine Fackel, ein Eichenzweig und ein Olivenzweig zu sehen sind Mercury. 1939-D Mercury Dime 90% Silver. You will receive the coin shown [SN04] 1939-D Mercury Dime 90% Silver. You will receive the coin shown [SN04] $7.00) (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review ×.

Mercury Dime 1916-1945 . The Mercury Dime is one of the most popular ten-cent denominations and a favorite among coin collectors. Also known as the Winged Liberty Head Dime, the Mercury Dime was designed by Adolph A. Weinman. The Mercury Dime replaced the Barber Dime in 1916 and continued to be produced until 1945, when the U.S. Treasury ordered a new design to honor Franklin D. Roosevelt. www.reedededge.com . mail@reedededge.com . 888-856-coin. 113-115 Baltimore Street, Suite 102, Cumberland, MD 2150 Search for Mercury Dimes on Ebay.com; Search for Mercury Dimes on Amazon.com Collectible Coins. Questions Please Note: Grading Mercury Dimes is a subjective matter that takes years of experience to do correctly. In most cases raw or un-graded Mercury Dimes are usually over graded by the individual owner. Try to be realistic and understand that grading is only a means to quantify or evaluate the worth of a coin. The grading company used to grade a coin is very important and there are only two that.

Mercury Dime Pf66. Looking for Mercury Dime Pf66 online? Are you trying to find Mercury Dime Pf66 or other relevant products? Our site displays a big array of Mercury Dime Pf66, plus items such as Silver Morgan, Silver Dollar, Italian Coin, Roosevelt Dime, plus many more.Browse our enormouse selection of Buffalo Nickel, or try searching for a more specific Mercury Dime Pf66 with the site search 1916 Mercury Dime S Mint Mark. Looking for 1916 Mercury Dime S Mint Mark online? Are you trying to find 1916 Mercury Dime S Mint Mark or other relevant products? Our site displays a big array of 1916 Mercury Dime S Mint Mark, plus items such as Silver Morgan, Silver Dollar, Italian Coin, Roosevelt Dime, plus many more.Browse our enormouse selection of Buffalo Nickel, or try searching for a. The Mercury dime was a silver ten cent piece minted from 1916-1945. Although commonly referred to as a 'Mercury' dime, the obverse actually depicts a profiled bust of Liberty with a winged Phrygian cap, and is sometimes also referred to as a 'Winged Liberty head dime' 1931-D Mercury Dime. FS-101. Doubled Die Obverse, Doubled Die Reverse. MS-62 FB (PCGS).Provenance: From the Collection of Silas Stanley Roberts, 1888-1966.PCGS# 145419. NGC ID: 23J8.Click here for certification details from PCGS

I usually like to buy mercury dimes because they look nice to me, much more unique than the Roosevelt dimes. The problem is that I finally got around to getting some plastic coin tubes for my junk silver and it looks like I can fit 54 mercury dimes in a tube. My mercury dimes are in pretty good shape imo, just a little common wear so I was surprised to see the tube have that much room left. Gold Mercury Dime; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Page 1. Lot of 25 Roosevelt and Mercury 90% Silver Dimes - 5 Mercury Dimes and Twenty 1964 or before Roosevelt Dimes. on Feb 08, 202 couple mercury dimes etc!!! the other day I picked up an old garrett freedom 3 from a yard sale, and took it out for a few min today.. Def works good, found (2) 1929 mercury dimes, a 1881 James A. Garfield token, and a.

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  1. 50 Air-tite A-18 Direct Fit Coin Holder Capsules for Seated Barber Mercury Roosevelt Dimes: (50) Air-tite A-18 Direct Fit Coin Holder Capsules for Seated Barber Mercury Roosevelt Dimes : Office Products. Measurements: Inside Diameter 17.9mm x Depth 1.57mm, Outside Diameter 30.94mm x 4.9mm 。 Genuine Air-Tite Holder Brand Capsules ă€
  2. US 1929 Mercury Dime 90% Silver Coin Solid Brass Silver Plated Money Clip New - High Quality: Handmade,Absolutely Price to value,free distribution,Authentic Merchandise,Thousands of items added daily,Easy to exchange! fast delivery ! safe payment
  3. Shop 1 American Classics Coin Bag, A total of 34 Coins -- 5 Full Date Buffalo Nickels, 25 Unsearched Wheat Pennies, 3 Steel Cents, and a Silver Mercury Dime - All In a Nice Presentation Velveteen Bag -- The American Coins Collection, 1c, 5, 10c Circulated Condition to Fine and more authentic and unique collectibles coins at 's Collectible Coins Store,Authentic goods are sold online,FREE & FAST.
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